Put joy

back into practice.

Play Big Music Games and level up your child's musical knowledge. See why kids are begging to play Big Music Games!

Big Music Games is a radically new way to learn music.


Build Musical Fluency

Sharpen your music skills while playing fun games. Big Music Games strengthen rhythm, melody, harmony and songwriting.

Kids Love Playing!

Take the struggle out of practicing, and get the whole family involved.  Earn badges, unlock new games, level up!


A Strong Community

Join a growing group of families around the world that want an alternative to the traditional music lesson. 

"I like it how it switches up the 

order. You might think that it's doing 

a pattern, but it's not. I like the faces."

 - Adam (9)

“My 7 year old student walked in the door and asked me when we could play Wait a Second. She then suggested that if we practiced all of her reading out of the guitar book that we could play Big Music Games afterwards. She used Big Music Games as her OWN reward.” 

- Tom, a Private Lesson Teacher 

“My daughter is 6 and can easily identify 2nds and 3rds on the piano. I wasn’t doing that sort of thing until I took Honors Music Theory my senior year of high school!” 

 - Omar, Dad of a Big Music Games Player

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Meet The Big Music Games Team



Piano Teacher & UX Designer for Big Music Games



Guitar Teacher & Director of Big Music Games



Systems Ninja & Director of Sales for Big Music Games

Kathryn Selman

Voice Teacher & Marketing Director



Co- Founder of Brooklyn Music Factory, BLAM Game Visionary (And the voice of Big Music Games!)



Guitar teacher & Big Music Games Quality Control



Drum teacher, Big Music Games Quality Control & Audio Content Creation



Game Developer & Project Manager - Migoi Studios



Web Developer, Engineer - Purelogics

From Our Home to Yours

At Brooklyn Music Factory we're known for our music games. Now you can play them anywhere!

Through Big Music Games we invite you to join our community of mindful, adventurous, and motivated families. Yup, you will soon be playing the games that thousands of like-minded families have been enjoying at the Brooklyn Music Factory for nearly ten years.  

Created by Music Teachers. Played by thousands of kids!

Why Play Big Music Games?

They really work.

Time and again we've seen these games TRULY work. From a 5 year old student that knows major chords from minor chords, to an 8 year old student who has mastered intervals up to a 5th, these games strengthen music fluency in a super fun way.

Make Screen Time Fun AND Educational

Lots of families have limited screen time (ours sure do!) Big Music Games provides fun with a purpose. Seriously improve your child's musical language.

Experience is everything

We have built Big Music Games from the ground up, and care deeply about YOUR experience! We are constantly improving our users' experience based on your feedback.

Coming April 2018!

Q: My family is a member of Brooklyn Music Factory. Do I already have a login?

A: Yes! BMF family members automatically get a login with their monthly tuition. Play the first 2 levels of every game for free! After that it's a special BMF Member Price for access to ALL levels, ALL games.